Saturday, 6 July 2013

German Grand Prix: Qualifying

The predictability of qualifying was set to continue at the Nurburgring this weekend, as the Mercedes cars displayed their usual great pace and dominated the first session. Things fell apart, for Rosberg at least, when he was pitted at the end of the second session and sat watching his name tumble down the order, as car after car slammed in faster times than him. The track conditions obviously changed in the closing laps and Mercedes were simply caught out. It's difficult to know who to  blame for the failed gamble, but it's interesting to consider that there will be somebody in the Mercedes garage whose job it is to predict changes in track conditions.

In the end it was Lewis Hamilton who lead the Mercedes team to another great pole position, just pipping Sebastian Vettel to the top spot. The Mercedes is looking better and better in race set up and so the team and Hamilton will be hoping that things can keep developing in that direction. The Red Bull drivers will be breathing down Lewis' neck at the start of the race, in second and third, and Lewis will be up against it from the off.

The Ferrari's showed a lot more pace than they have in the last couple of races. However, here in Germany, they have shown a lot more conviction and despite finishing seventh and eighth were very strong in the first two sessions. They always show good race pace so, combined with the reasonable grid positions, we  may see a really good result from Alonso and Massa, launching them back in to the title fight.

As long as the tyres can remain intact, after being reinforced with Kevlar and redesigned, then it looks like we are in for a fantastic race.

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