Saturday, 17 March 2012

And it's 'GO! GO! GO!'

The 2012 season kicked off in style, beginning with Qualifying. Formula One enthusiasts and fans were immediately assured that the Red Bull Racing dominance is over. It was a little disconcerting to see the hint of a McLaren dominance, but in the same breath it was extremely refreshing to see a Lotus and a Mercedes near the front of the grid aswell.

It seems that the more conventional nose on the McLaren car didn't create a problem for Jenson or Lewis, what with them impressively locking out the entire front row and then Jenson racing away to a storming victory, whilst Lewis traded places with vettel but still managed to claim the third podium place.

The best thing about the Grand Prix was the action all the way down the field and that action couldn't have been appreciated without Sky Sport's great coverage. There didn't appear to be any prejudice in regards to which drivers or teams were focused on during the race. The Sky Sports F1 director even went so far as disregarding Jenson Button's final lap, in favour of showing the exciting fights that were going on throughout the field, right up until the very end.

The continuous coverage and absence of adverts was the same as the BBC's coverage last season but time will tell if the further advantages will be a regular feature of footage on Sky, however so far I am well impressed with Sky's commitment. As for the racing, well after this weekend it promises to be exciting and unpredictable.