Sunday, 25 August 2013

Belgian Grand Prix: Far from a relaxing Spa weekend!

Spa was an action packed affair this weekend, with passing by the truck load. The 2013 Belgian Grand Prix should be entered in to the Guinness Book of Records, for being the Grand Prix with the most overtakes, and many of them featured Romain Grosjean. In fact, Grosjean should receive a very large pat on the back, since he was heavily involved, but amazingly managed to avoid catastrophe. There was one incident involving Romain, which caused some controversy. Perez was deemed to have squeezed Grosjean of the circuit and as a result had to serve a drive-through penalty. Some feel the penalty was a little harsh, whilst others seem to side with Grosjean, perhaps feeling it was time something went his way.

In regards to the result, Vettel was totally unstoppable. Lewis Hamilton was visibly disappointed, whilst still allowing himself a wry smile with Sebastian after the race. Vettel stretches his lead even further in the Championship fight and is looking more and more like sealing his fourth consecutive World Championship title. Alonso stays within touching distance after another consistent podium finish, but will need to try push his Ferrari harder in the next few races, just like in previous seasons. It's fair to say that if anyone can do it then Fernando Alonso can

There were a lot of daring overtakes and at times the drivers were racing like it was the last race of the season. One of those times was when Maldonado got out of shape near the end of lap 30 and found himself challenged by Gutierrez and the two Force India cars of Adrian Sutil and Paul Di Resta. They weaved and passed each other right up to the bus stop chicane, where it all became a little too much for Pastor and he ended up clipping Sutil's car before careening in to a helpless Di Resta. It was a situation that provided a huge amount of entertainment but, for the rival teams, was easily avoidable, half way through a highly competitive and close season.

The race ending was quite an anti climax, with Vettel storming to victory and barely any racing in the closing laps. The threat of rain was in the air and on the weather monitors, however it stayed away and Sebastian's race was unhindered. It deprived the fans of another exciting race finish
, but for Vettel and Red Bull Racing it was exactly what they needed.