Saturday, 11 May 2013

Spanish Qualifying: Return to Europe

It was an exciting start to the season. Some teams started very strongly whilst others struggled to show their true potential. The first European grand prix, for many drivers and teams, is considered a fresh start and chance to show what their cars can really do. The teams test in the more temperate climate of Europe and, as a result, the cars behave in a more predictable manner and engineers are able to set the cars up more efficiently.

McLaren appeared to struggle with pace, as Jenson Button tumbled out of the second session in fourteenth place. The Force India's weren't quite as strong as they have been in previous races. Di Resta managed to get tenth and asserted himself once again as the team's number one driver. If he shows the same pace in the race, as he has in previous races, he may be able to salvage a good result for the underdog team.

Mercedes showed extremely good pace once again in qualifying, with Rosberg putting in very fast times in both the first session and the second, and Hamilton qualifying top of the order in the second session. They were the stars of the show, when Rosberg claimed pole and Hamilton slotted his car on the front row as well, in second. It's a special performance, but based on the first races, they are really going to have up their game if they are going to convert that performance in to a win.