Monday, 16 April 2012

Awesome spectacle in China...

Mercedes dominated F1 news in the run up to the Chinese Grand Prix, regarding a dispute over (what a couple of the other teams considered) an unfair advantage. The Mercedes team had a feature on their car that enhanced the impact of the DRS system. However, before the start of the
weekend the F1 adjudicators deemed the feature legal and Mercedes went ahead as normal. The ultimate irony was that Nico Rosberg, in a Mercedes, won the race and in a domineering fashion. Despite the complaints it’s fair to point out that, numerous times in Formula One, teams have introduced items and features on to their race cars that have found their way around the rules and regulations (or in some cases transcended the rules and regulations; the six wheeled
Tyrell) and it is precisely this that defines Formula One as the ultimate motorsport series that it is.

Firstly, a massive congratulations must go out to Nico Rosberg. Despite it being a slightly processional race for him, nobody this weekend deserved it more. As for the rest of the race, it was anything but processional, proving once again that this season is going to be mightily
special. Red Bull appeared to struggle in the opening stages, with Sebastien Vettel playing the Lewis Hamilton card and whining, unhelpfully, about the car having no pace in a straight line. Okay, it looked slower than usual but him and Mark would never have finished in the top five in a car with no pace.

The McLarens achieved another couple of podium finishes, which will help them no end in the Championship. Whilst Ferrari struggled, showing the performance levels of the Australia Grand Prix, as opposed to the performance levels that they showed in Malaysia, with Alonso's win. The
racing was fantastic and had me almost falling out of the chair in excitement, as drivers switched places on the straights, the entries to corners AND the exits. At one point Kobayashi tried to drive his teammate, Perez, off the track and Mark Webber showed that Red Bull truly does give you wings, by almost taking off. Considering his past experiences in the Red Bull car, he must
really enjoy flying!

It was surprising to see Alonso get away with a clear example of dangerous driving. He ran wide and off the track, and then threw his car back on to the track almost straight in to the path of a speeding Perez. Nothing was really said about this, at the time or later on, which was a
big surprise.

Another race, another winner and, after only three grands prix, the excitement is tangible. Can Mercedes continue their assault on McLaren? Can McLaren assert some kind of real dominance? And can Red Bull actually enter the battle? Bring on Bahrain!