Saturday, 21 September 2013

Singapore GP Qualifying...

The big story, and the big question on everybody's lips, entering the Singapore Grand Prix weekend, was raikonnen's move to Ferrari and the question of who is better, Kimi or Fernando? Only time will tell, but it is important to recognise that each driver is very different to one another and both drivers are World Champions. The interesting thing to observe next season will be Ferrari's team orders and their notion of which driver is number one and which is number two.

As for the actual qualifying session, well it was completely dominated by a world class Sebastian Vettel. He showed his awesome quality by out classing all of the competition, including his team mate, who was almost a full second off Seb's pace. Vettel was so dominant that he popped his pole position time in at the very start of the third qualifying session and sat watching his rivals trying their hardest to match it. This made for an exciting closing minute to the session as Rosberg, Grosjean and Webber all came close to going faster than Seb, but none of them could manage it.

The woes for McLaren and Force India continue to grow as Di Resta and Perez go out in the first and second sessions, respectively. Force India had such a strong and promising start to the season, but it is slowly slipping away, whilst McLaren are having a torrid year. Both teams must be considering beginning development on next year's cars, since the hopes of achieving much this year is becoming less and less likely.