Sunday, 9 June 2013

Canadian Grand Prix: Seb back to dominating ways...

It was an unusually exciting Canadian Grand Prix, irrespective of the fact that Sebastian Vettel totally dominated from the front, and the 40% chance of rain stuck to the 60% side of that prediction and staved off. Vettel was impressive, if a little over eager at times, all the way through the Grand Prix. Vettel haters will again claim that the German is in a very fast car, however Mark Webber was really nowhere to be seen.

The Mercedes cars looked surprisingly quick in race pace and this race could signal a bit of a turn around for them, finally being able to utilise their blistering qualifying pace. Hamilton was unlucky to be pipped to the post by a determined Fernando Alonso. Hamilton fought back valiantly, but Alonso's Ferrari was just too quick, even for the Brit to take advantage of DRS and KERS. Rosberg showed the same competitive pace as Lewis, but made a silly error near the end, flat spotting his tyres, resulting in him needing to make another pitstop. We may see some better performances from the Mercedes in future races.

Predictably, although unfortunately, the Williams drivers were unable to stay in the top ten, to claim their first points, as they hoped. Bottas lost positions very rapidly and was down to sixth after only a few corners. Force India looked strong again today, with Di Resta battling to the end. Sutil on the other hand, despite putting in a great performance all weekend, blew it by stupidly ignoring blue flags, in front of Hamilton and Alonso. Sutil was given a drive through penalty, wrecking his own race, and his poor judgment held up Lewis so much that it may have directly resulted in Hamilton losing the second podium position.

Overall, a great race, packed with incident and impact. Once again this season, viewers and fans have been surprised by a race that doesn't normally get the blood racing too much. Oh, and the tyres weren't the main focus for a change.