Wednesday, 16 May 2012

5 races!! 5 different winners!! from 5 different teams!!

The world of Formula One has gone loopy it seems. The Spanish Grand Prix played witness to yet another grand prix winner and this time it was Pastor Maldonado. He ran a spectacular race, promoting himself from second place on the grid to first and then holding it for the remainder of the race. Like the Niko Rosberg victory, everybody but Fernando Alonso fans were behind the Venezuelan as he charged his Williams race car home. At one point it seemed that Fernando Alonso might breeze past Maldonado, but Pastor put up a valiant fight and, with about ten laps to go, he started pulling out the gap again and sealed the victory.

Again, much of the racing was extraordinary. DRS was at no point a sure thing when it came to overtaking and in many cases the combination of slip streaming, DRS and KERS resulted in wheel to wheel racing and a lot more passing and re-passing. There were more mistakes in the pit stops, again from McLaren, which, if any presumptions can be made at this very early stage in such an unusual season, may well be hindering their season and preventing them from asserting themselves as the dominant team.

Its strange not being able to discuss the way the season is unfolding, because it just isn't. It's wide open and completely unpredictable, so its really not possible to draw any conclusions. However, it would be fun to see Kimi Raikonnen, in a Lotus, win the next grand prix making it six different winners, in six different races, from six different constructors.

The only thing that overshadowed the weekend, but fortunately didn't result in any fatalities, was the fire in the Williams garage. In hindsight it is important to point out that the situation was handled magnificently, by professionals from a number of different teams, and this has meant that Maldonado's win can still be the main focus of the weekend.

Roll on race six... and a sixth different winner?!