Saturday, 30 June 2012

Alonso makes it two!

The European Grand Prix broke all it's own rules regarding excitement. A race that had become notorious for it's tedious and processional nature, delivered a lightning storm of a race. We finally broke the chaos of different winners every race, with Alonso taking an emotional victory to take his tally of wins up to two and launch him twenty points into the lead of the Driver's Championship.

Vettel failed to capitalise on his pole position, for a second time this season. However, its important to point out that it wasn't the German's fault, as his Red Bull car, which showed such promise in the opening stages of the race, gave up the ghost and slowed to a halt, on lap 34 after a safety car period. He probably would have gone on to win the race, but after seeing Alonso's reaction to the win in his home country, it's difficult to grudge him the glory.

Hamilton had a familiar moment of madness on the penultimate lap of the race, reliving some of the memories of last season. His tyres were failing as he went in to the last few laps, evidence of another misjudgement regarding the life of the Pirellis. Cars were catching and passing with ease and as Maldonado attempted to pass Lewis, in his much faster Williams, Lewis countered the move by eradicating any remaining space and ending his own grand prix immediately.

Alonso and Vettel appear to hold the slightly more dominant position, Vettel with the race pace and Alonso with the Championship position and tenacity to win. The season is beginning to take a little shape and maybe the next race will be a little more predictable.